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Welcome to Feeling The Fitness!

Thank you for visiting our site!

I’m so happy you are here and hope you love it as much as we love helping people lose weight, get fit and get more confident, energised and help them transform their lives!

I’m Yvonne and I have been in your place.

I can remember in my early 40’s when I was at my heaviest being asked twice in one week if my son was my grandson.

I thought I was hiding my weight gain well but truth is being bigger made me look older, robbed me of my confidence and would trigger feelings of being unattractive.  But these comments were the motivation that I needed to finally do something about it.

I went to my very first Zumba class and OMG.  I had the best time.  The instructor was charismatic and fun.  I quickly became a regular, going from one class a week to three times a week and I felt amazing, especially watching my body shape change.

Two years later I finally decided to go for the Zumba Instructor training and that was the beginning of teaching journey in Fitness.

I have been teaching group fitness since 2012 changing people’s lives in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. I hear stories all the time about how my workouts help, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

With Covid coming along and changing the way that fitness is delivered I have had to change too, so we now have a hybrid method of In Person when we can, and Online when we can’t!

I believe that fitness should be fun and enjoyable and everyone can find something they enjoy enough to stick to.