What can I say about yvonnes classes....whether it's Zumba or clubbercise, I feel alive! When I first started zumba I was a bit nervous as I didn't know anyone and I can be a bit shy. But Yvonne instantly made me feel welcome and was so helpful by keeping an eye on me during the class and giving me pointers on the next moves. She would always pick me back up if I went off track. She's so in tune with everyone in her class and really looks out out for everyone. I started zumba bcos I wanted to become more fit and healthy, which I feel I have achieved, but it's so much more to me than that. Yvonnes classes are so much fun and full of positive vibes. If I ever felt down, I can count on feeling great after a class. She has the most amazing energy and charisma you can't help but just love her. It makes me want to dance harder. I've been going for a few years now and It feels like being part of a family, we support each other and laugh with each other. I need to find exercise fun to be motivated to do it, and yvonnes classes certainly tick the box. I wouldn't give it up for anything!


Love clubbercise, great routines, great music and glow sticks, what's not to love!!

 I was sitting on the couch watching TV doing nothing feeling unfit and unhealthy before we worked together.
I had no reservations about coming to your class I thought it would be fun doing something in the dark waving glow sticks around and feeling fitter at the same time instead of feeling like a couch potato.
Working with you and coming to your class has given me a new lease of life feeling more energetic and having fun with everyone there.
The best result I have got from working with you is your friendly welcome and enthusiasm to exercise and by coming to your class I have lost half a stone in weight and noticed my body shape has changed for the better and I feel healthier and fitter for it.

 I was quite shy and reserved I didn’t get out much to socialise before I started Yvonne's classes.
My reservaation before coming the first class was meeting new people and being judged, I should not have worried.  Yvonne and the rest of the ladies were very welcoming.
I have gained loads of confidence  and met loads of new friends.
I now feel physically and mentally fitter and stronger

Although I’d done Zumba for a while before finding feeling the fitness I wasn’t enjoying the classes so was looking for something that would excite and motivate me to re-join a class - boy did I find it!!
It’s always daunting joining a new class, especially one that is established and has a lot of regulars. However, Yvonne’s classes are so friendly and welcoming that I felt at home straight away and knew this was the class for me 
Excellent! Yvonne breaks down routines so we all get them. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like Yvonne is teaching a class, it feels like we’re all just having a big dance together 
Improved fitness levels and co-ordination and renewed enthusiasm about exercise and being part of a class. 

I didn’t like fitness classes and thought I couldn’t cope with a dance fitness class.  The last exercise class that I went to the instructor was so rude and made me feel incompetent.  Anyway I happened to walk past Yvonne’s Clubbercise class at the very end and I I could see were these very sweaty ladies on their way out and made it my mission to find out what they were doing.  I got the information and tried the class and never looked back.  Yvonne was welcoming, attentive and supportive.  Within a few months I was finally able to get back on my horses that I was not able to ride for years.