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Want the convenience to workout from home with no fuss

  • Need to exercise but have little time for classes
  • Want a flexible program from home?
  • Ideally for use twice a week but you can do more
  • Log your workout for accountability
  • Enter your before and after photo to track progress
  • Link to Healthy Eating including, how many calories per meal
  • Log nutrition so you can stay on track
  • Workout to your level. 
  • New Year is coming and you want to have a plan and stick to it! 

Monthly from


Best value & fun, recorded classes  view up to 6 times a month.

  • Don’t like exercise but love to dance
  • Are you tired of the lockdown?
  • Are you steadily gaining weight?
  • Are you bored of walking, running or your own routine for fitness?
  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Clubbercise or Zumba only
  • Access to 6 recorded classes a month.
  • You’re looking to jump start your weight loss & fitness
  •  The flexibilitity to do the recorded class anytime 
  • You can’t commit to  a set time ,so needs to be flexible. 
  • You feel like you don’t have time for yourself.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • What you will achieve.
  • Weight loss in a fun way.  Dim the lights and put on disco lights if you have them, crank up the music and dance.
  • Increase fitness
  • Increase energy

12 Week Program

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  • Access to weekly livestream sessions & 24/7 video library
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee subject to T & C’s
  • You’re looking for faster results with weight loss and/or toning
  • You want to  improve your fitness
  • You will get toned quicker and feel happier with your body
  • Tailor the program to your needs
  • You’ll notice an increase in your stamina within weeks
  • You’ll feel motivated to stick to healthier lifestyle choices.
  • You will get some Me Time, Improve your Fitness, feel Energised and Confident, Which means you’ll function better day to day.
  • Help with goal setting.
  • New Year is coming and you want to have a plan and stick to it! 
  • Log nutrition so you can stay on track